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Nebula OriginalsNight of the Coconut

Charl: an adorable googly-eyed coconut turned pop culture sensation who is secretly a genocidal robot from another universe.

In 5 days, he’s going to murder the entire planet, and the only people who might be able to stop him are a multiverse-hopping law enforcement officer and a failed author obsessed with cartoons.

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Directed by Patrick Willems • 2022 • only on Nebula
“…a near-perfect balance between gonzo imagination, gleefully wacky goofball hijinks, and striking emotional sincerity.”
Dawson Joyce
Letterboxd Review
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About Night of the Coconut

For the past year, Charl (an adorable multiverse-traveling death machine that looks like a coconut) has slowly been manipulating Patrick Willems into furthering his plot to gain more clout than any being across the stars.

Watch the entire ‘Charl Saga’, now in a condensed video on Nebula, and get to know our googly-eyed overlord or fall in love with him all over again. Remember: Charl is the key to our success.

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The Cast

Chloe Holgate
Chloe Holgate
as Chloe
Matt Torpey
Matt Torpey
as Matt
Dave Wiskus
Dave Wiskus
as Dave the Agent
Patrick Willems
Patrick Willems
as Patrick
Chad Ruhle
as the voice of Charl
Patrick (H) Willems
Directed by
Patrick Willems
Known for his self-named film essay channel, Patrick (H) Willems, Patrick recently took a seat in the director’s chair for his first feature film Night of the Coconut.

Reviews for Night of the Coconut

Just pure unbridled fun and creativity.
Jack Moulton
Letterboxd Review
great if you love patrick. also great if you don't because he gets bonked on the head
Letterboxd Review
Patrick (H) Willems is genuinely elevating the form (the form being "narrative elements in YouTube video essays").
Letterboxd Review
a wonderful display of and ode to the wonder of independent filmmaking.
jules "the devotress"
Letterboxd Review
it is joyously fun
Letterboxd Review
This is the world's most high effort shitpost but it's actually a really good movie at the same time
Letterboxd Review
charl is literally the best

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