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When the Soviet Navy Lost 16 Admirals in a Single Accident: The Tu-104 Crash at Pushkin

The story of the plane crash at Pushkin airfield on February 7, 1981 which had almost entirely beheaded the Soviet Pacific Fleet.

Why Soviet Pilots Called It “The Booze Carrier”: The Tupolev Tu-22 Story

The history of military aviation knows multiple examples of aircrafts that appeared to be a complete failure. But nothing can beat the story of the first Soviet supersonic bomber – the Tupolev Tu-22.

When the Soviets Mounted a Big Gun on Small Aircraft | The MiG-27 and GSh-6-30 story

The story of the MiG-27 armed with a GSh-6-30 cannon, whose incredible power became a true legend in the Soviet Air Force; however, this was not because it brought death and destruction to the enemy, but rather to its own aircraft it was mounted on.

Soviet TOPGUN | The Airbase "Мaryy" Story

The story of the Soviet Center for Combat Employment 1521 “Maryy” ("Мары"), which is often considered a Russian analog of the US Navy TOPGUN School.
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