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The Prince

All the world’s a stage and Jen (Mary Malone) and Sam (Joni Ayton-Kent) have learned the hard way, being trapped in a Shakespearean multiverse. On their quest to discover the doorway back to reality they notice something unusual about Henry ‘Hotspur’ Percy (Abigail Thorn).

Written by and starring Abigail Thorn, creator of Philosophy Tube, The Prince is a transformative new play that has everything: sword fighting, lesbianism, Hamlet, and disappointed parents.

Now re-released with enhanced audio and visuals as well as bonus features, The Prince: Special Edition is the royal event of the season.

Performed and recorded at Southwark Playhouse in London, England
Released: 2023
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The Prince Cast


Abigail Thorn

Lady Kate

Tianna Arnold


Joni Ayton-Kent


Mary Malone

Northumberland / King Henry IV

Ché Walker

Prince Hal

Corey Montague Sholay


Richard Rees


Tyler Luke Cunningham


Awards and Recognition

Abigail Thorn
The Offies
2022 BroadwayWorld UK / West End Awards
Abigail Thorn and Mary Malone
The Offies 2022
ONEOFF Special Award
BroadwayWorld UK Awards 2022
Best New Play
Best Lead Actor
Abigail Thorn
Best Supporting Actor
Mary Malone

What people say about The Prince

“…a masterclass in genre-bending, fourth-wall breaking.”
Asyia Iftikhar
Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness meets Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure but with a lot of Shakespeare.
Daz Gale
All That Dazzles
“…a funny and deeply original take on gender norms and expectations.”
Louise Penn
The Prince is a sparkling and nuanced interrogation of identity and gender.”
Sara West
Everything Theatre
“…not a play to be missed.
Kestral Gaian
Trans Writes
The Prince is an entertaining and smart take on a history play. Not merely an adaptation, it is a bold, new and thought-provoking piece of writing.
Daniella Harrison
The Prince

Created by 
Abigail Thorn

Abigail graduated drama school in 2017. In 2019 she made headlines by performing the complete works of Shakespeare 24/7 for five days, livestreamed over the Internet and raising $130,000 for Samaritans alongside celebrity guests including Mara Wilson. Her stage credits include HAMM (RADA festival), Thursday (Southwark Playhouse), and Much Ado About Nothing (outdoor tour). Her screen credits include Django (Sky), Ladhood (BBC3), and Chivalry (Channel 4). As a writer she helped create Immersive Dracula (Electrowerkz), which sold out before being cut short by COVID.

Abigail is also the creator of Philosophy Tube, a web-show with a global audience of over a million. She researches, writes, produces, directs, and stars in every episode herself—Vox called her 2019 video Men, Abuse, Trauma “one of the best TV episodes of the year.” In early 2021 Abigail came out publicly as “one of Britain’s most well-known trans women” (Xtra Magazine) - “a woman who can do it all” (Diva). In her spare time, she also hosts the podcast Kill James Bond.

Abigail Thorn
“...a refreshingly sacrilegious approach to Shakespeare.”
Cindy Marcolina, Broadway World

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