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Under Exposure

An underexposed image is a photograph that captures fewer details in the shadows. In this series, precisely these shadowy aspects of a wide range of topics are brought to light.

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Episode 1

The Investigation Into Flight MH17

The crash investigation of flight MH17 was the most extensive aviation incident investigation in Dutch history. In this video we take a closer look at how, despite enormous challenges, it was possible to clearly determine the cause of the crash.
Episode 2

The Kuwaiti Oil Fires

As Iraqi soldiers withdrew from Kuwait in the final stages of the Gulf war, they set countless oil wells on fire. An act of sabotage with far-reaching consequences, because once such a fire has been set, it was almost impossible to extinguish it.
Episode 3

How the Twin Towers Were Built

The Twin Towers represented a new era in New York City’s history, as various completely new methods were used during their construction, which made it possible to build the new tallest buildings in the world.
Episode 4

The Bin Laden Raid

A closer look at the special mission that ended the decade long manhunt for Osama bin Laden.
Episode 5

The Tenerife Disaster

A closer look at the worst aviation accident in history.
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neo  — Under Exposure

Created by 

Neo creates educational short documentaries about topics ranging from politics, geography, media, society, and more.

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